Gift vouchers for every occasion

Still looking for the right gift? A get-away to the island of Sylt, the Pearl of the North Sea, is always an experience - a beautiful, special gift.

You can easily order the voucher for the Sylt Ferry:

  • You can choose the voucher amount yourself.
  • The voucher can be redeemed on the crossing with the Sylt Ferry. An additional payment when purchasing the ticket or a payout of the remaining difference at any time are possible.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer, direct debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express). As soon as we receive the amount due, we will send you the voucher inside an attractive card.

We require the following information:

  • Number of vouchers
  • Value of voucher
  • Your address
  • Payment method with relevant details

Your Sylt Ferry voucher is best ordered by phone.

Our tip: Pay with your credit card

If you pay for your gift voucher by credit card, we will send it on the day of your order.